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Nature Trust was founded with the vision of bringing innovation and quality to the use of traditional ingredients, in caring for chronic diseases. Our team brings together close to 60 years of combined experience in healthcare, encompassing R&D, manufacturing and marketing domains.

Having experienced first-hand the successes and limitations of the modern medicine system, especially in managing the unique challenges in chronically ill patients, we believe that no stream of medicine has all the answers. The key lies in bringing diverse systems together, employing a holistic approach. The complementary nature of natural products with modern medicine has been largely ignored, and seen more as alternative therapy. Our goal is to bring synergy to these vastly different approaches, rather than focus on their differences.

75+ clinical trials

Indian traditional medicine has great potential in the prevention and management of chronic disease. Though there exists extensive scientific data from animal and cell-culture studies, effectiveness in humans using the gold standard of double-blind placebo trials is limited, and more needs to be done.

Our goal is not only to bring to the market products, which have been proven to work through clinical research, but also communicate clearly expected outcomes. We test extensively to ensure safety and efficacy hence minimising adverse effects.

We have tied up with Verdure Sciences USA to source products, which are clinically researched. This gives our customers the confidence that the products they buy will give results as stated, consistently.

Safety and efficacy

We have comprehensive testing done by our suppliers, using globally mandated testing mechanisms. Certifications may include ISO, cGMP, HACCP, Organic Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. Every batch meets global requirements on food safety, including US and European testing requirements. Comprehensive batch-wise record keeping is done by our supplier and Nature Trust, to ensure product traceability down to the ingredient level. We make certain that we are compliant on every single local and global requirement for safety and efficacy.

Scientifically extracted

One very important aspect of the products we sell is the technology used for extraction and formulation. Not all ingredients are equal, and efficacy largely hinges on extraction and formulation technology. Our processes ensure that we deliver the most efficacious formulations to attain best results.

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