A synergistic blend of proprietary polyphenols. This unique offering of patented curcumin and pomegranate ingredients takes advantage of the antioxidant potency of Pomella® (Ellagitannins), combined with the adaptogenic (manages stress on the body) abilities of Longvida® (optimised curcumin) to offer multi-prong health support.This allows for faster recovery post exercise as well as long term benefits like joint health.

Delivery challenges

Ellagic acid and polyphenol found in fruits is not absorbed when consumed in free form. In healthy human volunteers, a single dose of Pomella® led to a significant 32% increase of antioxidant activity in the blood. Bio-active metabolites of punicalagins (Pomella) were detected in the body up to 48-hours after consumption. Patented formulation of Longvida ensures that free curcumin stays longer in circulation and is not immediately metabolised by the liver and excreted. Most drugs and supplements do not cross the BBB, making Restoridyn unique.

Clinical Studies

Restoridyn® was clinically studied in healthy athletes and results showed that it influenced gut health, performance, recovery, cognitive function and immune health; making for a complete new generation of sports nutrition ingredient. Participants experienced 50 percent greater improvement in soreness and perceived pain; accelerating recovery, showing noticeable results in as little as two hours with daily intake. The study results also indicated that Restoridyn supports a balanced inflammatory response.


It is now widely accepted that memory extends beyond just muscle memory and includes working memory, focus and mental energy for athletes and active individuals. Restoridyn’s proprietary ingredients Longvida and Pomella are known to deliver free curcumin (anti-inflammatory) and urolithins (antioxidant) respectively across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), boosting these cognitive functions.

Orthopeadics & Sports

An often overlooked component of active living and exercise programs is recovery. Everyone from sports enthusiasts to active seniors seek healthy support that could improve strength or endurance, optimise exercise efficiency and increase tolerance for more intense training. Restoridyn® offers these benefits to active individuals when taken as a post exercise recovery supplement.

Recommended use

As a sports supplement for active individuals for exercise recovery.

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