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NATURE TRUST® Sports Recovery

Recover Well….Do More


A Synergestic Blend of Proprietary Polyphenols This Unique offering of patented Curcumin and Pomegranate Extract takes advantage of the high antioxidant properties of Pomella (Ellagitanins from Pomegranate Extract) combined with the adaptogenic properties of Longvida (Optimized Curcumin) to offer Comprehensive Sports Recovery and General Health Support


Recovery is a crucial aspect of exercise programs .Sports enthusiasts seek healthy support to improve strength or endurance, optimise exercise efficiency and increase tolerance for more intense training. Acknowledging the effectiveness of Restoridyn, a study at the University of Texas states “The observed improvements in biological inflammation may translate to faster recovery and improved functional capacity during subsequent exercise sessions”. Our Sports Recovery Supplement contains 100% pure Restoridyn with no other ingredient additions.


In a recent study endurance trained athletes undergoing preparation for a half marathon who supplemented a combination of Longvida and Pomella had positive improvements to post race anti-inflammation. The immune function which is known to show a notable reduction in endurance athletes was also improved. Restoridyn was associated with a down regulation of pro inflammatory biomarkers and an increase in anti-inflammatory RNA biomarkers. This means that the individuals were less inflamed from their training and recovery post-race improved.


Joint health is a major concern in sports nutrition. Articular cartilage lesions lead to pain and functional limitations. Untreated these lesions can lead to progressive Chondropenia. Repetitive loading of the injured articular cartilage results in further cellular degeneration and accumulation of degradative enzymes and cytokines, disruption of collagen ultrastructure, increased hydration and fissuring of the articular surface. Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have shown that Punicalagins in Pomella Extract inhibit the pro-inflammatory collagenases which mediate the degradation of type 2 collagen in adose dependant manner.


Evidence suggests that Pomegranate extract can improve Nitric Oxide Bioavailability thereby improving NO endothelial function mediated in part by increasing the bioavailability of endothelial Nitric Oxide synthase (eNOS). Pomegranate scavenges Reactive oxygen species and thereby prevents the oxidative destruction of Nitric Oxide. Researchers at the University of Colorado reported Longvida’s ability to improve resistance conduit artery endothelial function and large elastic artery function, impacting cardiovascular health positively

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