My Recovery

I workout Six days in a week. Which includes Calesthenics training, running. While I am passionate about working out and running out. I lacked into my recovery section. I realised that recovery is most important factor which I need to take care in priority. I am very well sorted once I started taking Nature Trust

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Have been using Nature trust, recovery supplements for last three months now. It has helped me personally for faster recovery post long runs, and I can feel the difference as there is hardly any pain the next day after doing long runs above 3 hrs.



The after effects of my first 12 hr stadium run without NT recovery supplement lasted a whole week wherein I couldn’t walk, and it was really painful. After taking NT sports recovery supplement for three months attempted one more 12hr stadium run. I hit my PB and I was up and out next day running,

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NT sports recovery supplement is working so well for me.l’ve been using it since few months. It helps me recover really fast from my hard training sessions. It helped me bounce back into my training schedules (with heavy mileage) for two full Marathons back to back, followed by a 12 hour stadium run really quickly.


Just Fantastic

The sports Recovery supplement by Nature Trust gives me better recovery post my sessions. And helps me to be back in action and can clock extra miles … It makes me feel lighter… Thank you Nature Trust. I suggest to try it for at least two months and give it a chance..

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Really works

Nature Trust sports recovery supplement helped me in my journey from a Marathoner to COMRADES ultra Marathon Runner (since 2022). I had to practice for as long as 8 hours and 75 km on certain days, and It helped reduce fatigue, increase my endurance level and recover really quickly.

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