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Recovery is a very important aspect in endurance sports like marathons, triathlons, swimathons and cyclathons. Recovery is also critical in resistance training like body building. Our new age supplements help you recover faster by reducing inflammation, muscle soreness and fatigue naturally.


Very few medications can cross the blood brain barrier and effective in the brain. Our unique formulations produced using patented technology, ensure high bioavailability and efficacy. By crossing the blood brain, they elicit neuro-protective effects. They also promote healthy brain ageing.


Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are very invasive cancer therapies which cause a lot of inflammation and damage one's own cells. Our supplements can help you reduce these effects and symptoms like mucositis (inflammation of the oral cavity and gut) and improve the quality of life during such treatments.


Our products help to reduce symptoms in Rheumatoid Arthritis and pain in osteoarthritis, reducing dependence on pain medications (NSAIDs). They also help the healing process and speed up recovery in soft tissue injuries and small fractures. Our products combine short term benefits with long term joint and bone health.

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