The product contains a blend of a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This helps to bring down overall inflammatory status through a balanced immune response.  

Chronic inflammation (which does not subside) is the major cause of many conditions and should be avoided at all costs.

Who should take it

    Endurance Athlete - Marathoners, Triathletes, Cyclists and Swimmers

    Athletes who are increasing the intensity of their Training

    People who do weight and strength training at a Gymnasium

    What does it do?

    This product helps to keep pain, muscle soreness and

    pain in check so you can get back the next day even after a very hard intensive training.

    Mitigates the harmful effects of Chronic Inflammation onset by continuous loading at practice sessions.

    Increases Exercise Tolerance.

    Only for Sports?

    Recovery Supplement contains a powerful anti-Inflammatory and an antioxidant. This has many applications especially in conditions where you want to bring down inflammation and achieve a balanced Immune Response.


    The product is made from Natural ingredients only and all components including capsules and packaging is certified as Vegetarian


    The dosage is 2 capsules together ( 1 gram) anytime of the day but preferably soon after workout.

    The supplement needs to be taken daily for best results.

    It circulates in the body for upto 24 hours,

    so it would be best to stick to a particular time of day to take it ensuring best results.


    The active ingredients are Curcumin ( Derived from Turmeric) and Pomegranate Extract derived from the skin/Rind of the fruit.

    It is formulated using Lipids derived from botanical sources.

    This formulation is known as Restoridyn 

    Diff btw Restoridyn

    Restoridyn is the brand name of Verdure Sciences USA. Since they are OEM suppliers to many Companies we buy this ingredient under the brand name Nature Trust.

    There are no additional ingredients added in our product.

    Best Time

    There is no recommendation about a particular time to take the supplement but based on our users feedback it works best if taken immediately after a workout.

    The active components circulate in the body for upto 24 hours so try to stick to the same time everyday to maximise the efficiency of the product. 

    Empty Stomach

    YES you can without any effects of acidity.

    Long term

    There has been no reported complications with Long term use of this product

    Many of our users continue to use this even after a few years

    Side effects

    In the years we have been selling this product we have not come across any serious side effects

    of the product.

    The product is tested in third party labs for contaminants in order to ensure safety.

    Since the product contains (Pommegranate extract ) which is known to influence gut

    health a day or two of bowel discomfort can be expected for a very small percentage of new users

    but this is normal and will subside.


    A general recommendation is always to consult your doctor before you start any supplements if you

    are under any treatment.

    This becomes more important when you are taking blood thinners since it

    is known to improve blood flow.

    Gall bladder obstruction is another contraindication

    Expectant mothers

    should talk to their doctor first

    How many days

    The University of Texas study tested marathoners post 21 km race after 30 days supplementation.

    The ideal time period is around 2 months for full benefits as per feedback from users who use it

    long term.

    Keeping in mind that this is a natural product your mileage could vary.

    can I stop

    No symptoms of dependance  has been recorded with discontinuation of our product you can stop whenever you like.

    The effect of the product lasts for 24 hours. Over time of non usage the inflammation levels could

    rise to higher levels which is dependent on quantum of training done post stoppage.

    why not 1 capsule

    Keeping in mind choking hazard (larger capsule) as well as maintaining dosage we have concluded

    that 2 capsules are the best option.

    turmeric protein

    This product does one thing well ie. Helps better recovery.

    The active ingredient is curcumin

    which is 2-5% of whole turmeric. It would be difficult to consume enough turmeric to get a 500

    mg dose of curcumin.

    This also contains a powerful antioxidant.

    The bioavailability is very high

    with the formulation which is a very important aspect to consider. Also 95% curcumin is excreted

    very quickly ( Half life of 2 hours) so after a few hours there is very little that is actually in the body.

    This has been overcome in our formulation which increases the half life to 8 hours.



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